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Adult Christian Education at Trinity Episcopal Church

Intentional Communities of Disciples

You’ve heard it said (and may have said yourself): “I can worship God as well on the golf course as I can in a church building.” That’s absolutely true! Of course that’s true!

Jesus himself supported that truth. You may remember when Jesus once met a woman at the village well. When she asked about which temple on a mountain was the right one, the best one, he said “Neither!” Jesus told her that true worship has nothing to do with locations and temples. Rather — true worship is all about the intentional spiritual journey, rather than the location of a shrine or a particular time. (John 4.21-23)

Christianity is a spiritual path to wholeness with God and one another. Christianity is about making intentional communities of disciples. As Jesus said, “As you are going about the world, make disciples from all the nations.”

While Christians make good use of buildings and locations, they also make good use of cars and boats, ice cream parlors and zoos. Christianity is not about a worship service in a building, any more than it is about ice cream parlors and zoos — as great as those are.

Just as people so often say, “I’m interested in spirituality, not organized religion.” That’s the very essence of Christianity: Becoming fully committed followers of Jesus, becoming mature disciples in community, experiencing spirituality with your good friends.

This is why so many clergy rightly say, “Christian Education is the most important thing we do in the church. We’re all about building a community of disciples.”

Our regular Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes, discussion and adult study groups are temporarily on hiatus.

From Time To Time

Other classes are offered on an as-needed basis, including newcomers classes, Confirmation classes, Safe Church training and other special programs.