Form for Nomination to Run for Election to the Vestry

Voting members are those who are active communicants at Trinity of at least 18 years of age, and either baptized, confirmed, or received at Trinity, or have a letter of transfer (with their baptismal date) from their former parish.
TO NOMINATE SOMEONE FOR THE VESTRY:    (Any voting member may nominate another)
I affirm that I am a voting member at Trinity Church, and I nominate _______________________ to run for Vestry.
___________________________         _____/______/______
Nominator’s signature                                     Date
___________________________        (____) _____-_______
Nominator’s name (printed)                           Phone

TO RUN FOR ELECTION TO THE VESTRY:   (Any voting member may run for Vestry)



I affirm that I am a voting member at Trinity Church, desire to run for election to the Vestry, and will serve if elected.
___________________________         _____/______/______
Nominee’s signature                                     Date
___________________________        (____) _____-_______
Nominee’s name (printed)                            Phone
To allow the Elections Committee time to prepare a bio and photo for our News & Notes, please mail or deliver this Nomination Form by March 31 to:
The Elections Committee
Trinity Church
227 Sherman St
Watertown, NY 13601