Wedding at Trinity Episcopal Church

Matrimony: Celebration and Blessing

In the Episcopal Church and its Book of Common Prayer, the church service in which people are married is called the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage.  We are eager to assist couples prepare for Christian marriage. For more information about weddings at Trinity, please review our wedding guidelines and policies.

What if neither the bride nor bridegroom is a practicing person of faith?

A beautiful and meaningful wedding should reflect the faith and values of the couple being married. No wedding should be encumbered by church rites that are not embraced by the couple.

In the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage, we not only witness the public exchange of vows, but ask God’s blessing on the marriage as a sign, an image, of Christ’s relationship with his Church. Throughout the preparation for an Episcopal wedding, the expectation is that the persons to be married have accepted the church’s values as their own. This is why we offer the Sacrament of Christian marriage only for practicing members of Trinity, and do not consider ourselves as a venue for weddings in general.

If neither the bride nor bridegroom is a practicing person of faith, we invite them to become active members of Trinity before planning their wedding. But if not, then we encourage them to plan for a civil wedding officiated over by a justice of the peace. Later, should the couple embrace and practice the Christian faith, it would then become appropriate to plan for a blessing of their civil marriage in whatever church they have become active members.