Wedding at Trinity Episcopal Church

Celebration and Blessing
of a Marriage

The definition and understanding of marriage is defined differently among various cultures and among the various religions within any particular culture.

Trinity Church understands marriage as one of the seven Christian sacraments. We primarily see the sacrament of marriage as one of the important ways in which God transforms people as followers of Jesus. In the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage, we ask God’s blessing on the marriage of Christians as a sign of Christ’s relationship with his Church.

This is why Trinity Church is neither “a wedding venue” nor a “wedding chapel.” At least one of the parties being married must be a member in good standing of Trinity Church, and it is expected that the couple would continue to be active members of this faith community. (A “member in good standing” is one who is faithful in worship, serving, praying, and giving.) Preparation for a wedding at Trinity will include study and discussion of Christian marriage. Among other things, we will study and discuss texts from Holy Scripture, from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer (see page 422-438), and from other sources.

What if neither of the couple are members in good standing of Trinity?

When neither of the couple are active members of a faith community, we wish them well, and suggest they plan a civil wedding. Later, should the couple become active members of a faith community, it would then be appropriate and exciting for them to plan for a blessing of their marriage within their community of faith.

We are excited about what it can mean for people to become an active part of THIS community of faith, so we enthusiastically welcome anyone who desires to become an active member of Trinity! And then we’d be delighted to sacramentally bless their marriage here, among us.

Exceptions to this policy may be granted only for reasons of expediency to other Episcopal clergy of another parish who make specific request on behalf of a couple in that parish.

For more information about weddings at Trinity, please review our wedding guidelines and policies.